Purity Mineral Clay Mask

Purity Mineral Clay Mask

A creamy clay mask, rich in revitalizing active herbs, minerals and purifying marine algae acting in harmony to oxygenate skin cells and eliminate toxins from the pores. Purity Mineral Clay Mask restores elasticity to the skin, leaving it smooth and clear.

HOW TO USE: Following the recommended Marcia Teixeira cleanser, apply a thin layer to the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 8-10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week or as needed. Follow with the recommended Marcia Teixeira serum and moisturizer.

● Refreshes and smoothes the skin
● Soothes dry, sensitive skin
● Tightens the pores of stressed, dull skin
● Infuses the skin with antioxidants and nutrients
● Reduces the signs of aging
● Removes toxins, dead skin cells and blemishes
● Supplies the skin with nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements
● Improves elasticity
● Skin is soft, cleansed and toned.
● Elasticity and hydration levels are improved.
● Toxins are removed.
● Healing process is accelerated.
● Skin is infused with oxygen, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
● Sebum production is improved.
● Oily, seborrheic and acne conditions are relieved and improved.
● The skin is protected from environmental damage and visible signs of aging are reduced.