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Skin Care Should Include Treating The Winter Itch!

Skin care goes into high gear during winter

Now that winter is here, the cold season will start creating problems for people with sensitive skins. The winter itch is going to give a lot of people problems again. But more and more people have found the proper skin care solution and have been able to stay away from the dreaded dry skin season. The combination of cold weather and skin dryness are largely responsible for this condition. Some experts also mention the wind factor, but there are many victims who just stay inside the house and never expose themselves to the wind and yet still get it.

The best counter to the winter itch is to avoid leaving your skin dry and applying moisturizers as part of your winter skin care regimen.

It’s important that after taking a bath you don’t wipe your skin totally dry but leave some amount of water in your body and then apply the skin moisturizer to retain some body moisture.

Hydrating your skin during the cold season is very difficult due to the crisp air. It’s going to affect your skin’s natural moisturizing ability by sucking the water from the skin into the atmosphere. There are several special skin lotion and cream formulas to halt and help remedy this abnormal process and will do a lot in maintaining skin moisture and fighting the winter itch.

Aside from applying commercially prepared moisturizers there are homemade remedies that you can take advantage of to fight skin dryness and the winter itch that it brings. It’s very tempting to take a hot bath or get into a sauna to keep the body warm. However, this will cause the skin to become dry. Then the winter itch will start to set in unless you remember to apply moisturizers on your skin. But if you avoid both you will have less to worry about. A warm bath will be more like it. It won’t dry your skin.

Drinking a lot of water will also help a lot in hydrating your skin. The suggestion is at least 8 glasses a day, although many experts are questioning this amount. If you find it impossible to drink that much, you can cook beef stew or whatever dish with a lot of soup and you can eat it with your food. Drinking coffee and hot milk or chocolate will bring the same results. Eating juicy fruits are also very helpful in hydrating your body.

There are several other precautionary measures such as using only mild soap when taking bath. The use of too much heat can also cause the air to dry and the condition will also cause winter itch. You have to maintain a certain heater temperature to keep your skin’s moisture.

It would be safer, however if you use skin moisturizers with your home skin care remedy to ensure that you will get the desired results.

One of the most effective and safest products in the market today that can effectively stop winter itch is the La Jeunesse skin care products. They are made from natural ingredients and are without any harsh effects on your skin. They’ll laminate your skin to keep the moisture in and the dry crisp air out. Try it, many have used it to their benefit, stopping winter itch in its tracks.


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