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Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Every woman wants to have an exceptionally long and curl free healthy hair which has an appealing look. Money is spent in treatments like keratin treatment and the popular keratin treatment. The hair is thus made nutritious and gorgeous. Keratin is a type of complex sulfur and the kind of amino acid Cysteine makes it both tough and insoluble. The keratin is usually derived from pure wool harvested from the sheep of western countries like NewZealand.The keratin treatment enables the molecules to penetrate the hair cortex and it adds the strength ,elasticity and moisture to the dull and damaged hair. The soft, shiny and   straightened effect is achieved when the keratin blends with the hair and the head of the user. This type of treatment takes about 3 hours and costs anywhere between 300 to 450 dollars for a treatment .Even chemically treated hair has got good results for the keratin treatment.

The makers of the popular Keratin complex therapy have launched recently the new different version that is less costly, faster and requires very little “down time” than the original. The Express keratin treatment is a very lighter to take on trade mark treatment much preferred by busy moms and it just leaves the hair frizz free for up to six weeks. The treatment can be performed in just one hour instead of the three hours spent on the former treatment .The user can also shower in just eight hours after the treatment is done. The minimal charge for this treatment starts from 100 dollars and it is up to fifty percentages less cost when compared with the former protein rich keratin treatment.

Even the vice president of Marketing-Lindsey Solomon who prefers the keratin treatment says, “We understand that in this critical economy, not all can afford to spend 350 to 500 dollars on their hair…….This quicker and shorter solution allows people like us to offer the same results for a lower price point,” said Solomon at the New York Launch event at the Shag Workshop Salon.

On a careful comparison of the ingredients used in both the treatments the powerful formaldehyde which is used in the Keratin nourishment is not used in the Brazilian keratin treatment. There are also no fumes or smells or carcinogen mixed stuff in this keratin treatments and that is one of the main reason why it is preferred as the number one nourishment for fuzzy and damaged hair follicles. The final finishing touch which includes the drying and pressing with flat iron also urges many to try this treatment once again after 3 months as it is proven to last for that long in the hair and that too differs depending upon the texture and length of every individual’s hair.





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