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Celebrity Hairstyles Worth Copying!

Of course, we here at Marcia Teixeira, are a little partial to the styles that involve a little more hair.  Soft & Soft Chocolate Treatments, provide variable curl pattern and will work great in efforts to replicate some of the looks below.


Celebrity Hairstyles

Do you think all celebrity hairstyles are usually complicated and also beyond your budget? Think again? What is it that most celebrities do with their hair for the award season? Are they doing something out of the blue, some hairstyle you have never seen in your life to look different on the red carpet? If you check out some of the famous haircuts this season you will realise that they are just sticking to the basics.

Here are some the celebrity hairstyles that you might want to ape when you pay a trip to the salon next time.

Celebrity Hairstyles Worth Copying:

1. Wavy Kim Kardashian: Well we were accustomed to seeing a Kim with long flat hair and her trademark top pony that made her face look even longer and flatter than it was. But the new red carpet look that Kim Kardashian is carrying is a wavy one. She has finally snipped her long locks into something fashionably called ‘long layers’. That has given her painfully straight hair some volume and a different cut to her face.

2. Pixie Emma Watson: You see her now and wonder, is this that cute girl with curly hair who had played the little witch ‘Hermoine’ in the Harry Potter series? I guess she was just waiting for the series to get over to get the load of curly hair off her head. Her close cropped hair is called the famous pixie haircut that has earlier been carried to perfection by Halle Berry and Audrey Hepburn.

3. Asymmetrical Victoria Beckham: Super mom Posh Spice may have achieved perfect symmetry in her body after just 6 months of delivering her fourth child but it is her asymmetrical celebrity hairstyle that gives shape to her face. The asymmetrical bob is one of the best short hairstyles for women to try even without celebrity recommendation.

4. Bang Bang Reese Witherspoon: Not that she doesn’t look equally sexy in every famous hairstyle possible but her latest one is one of the best hairstyles for women for this season. The length is just about medium off the shoulders chopped roughly and some bangy wisps of hair on her fringes. A side parting to wipe away age and here comes the diva.

5. Shave It Off With Rihanna: No Rihanna has not been ‘unfaithful’ to her hair. In fact her half bald look is being considered a bold attempt of an red carpet look. If you have desperately frizzy or curly hair then you can attempt this look that involves shaving off the side lower part of your hair and doing an asymmetrical bob with the rest.

6. Perfect Bob Katie Holmes: Her daughter Suri might be starting in sometime but guess who is looking like a cute school girl these days? Katie Holmes looks young and chic at the same time her traditionally perfect bob cut hair.

Use these women fashion tips to copy these hot celebrity hairstyles for the season.

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