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Keratin Treatment for Enjoyable and Fabulous Frizz-free Hair All Day Long!

Keratin treatment

Frizzy and unmanageable hair is just so frustrating to deal with. Despite frequent shampooing and conditioning, hair just gets out of hand once it gets exposed to heat and humidity. One of the latest breakthroughs in controlling hair is Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira; that’s us. This keratin treatment originated in Brazil and is also known as “escova progressiva” or progressive blow drying.

Keratin is a protein found in hair. Unfortunately, brushing, blowing, and natural elements damage this protein, giving  hair that dry and frizzy look. During keratin treatment, a keratin solution is applied on the hair and is kept on for one to two hours. This protein seeps into the outer layers and rejuvenates damaged hair, restoring its luster and increasing its manageability. Your hair is then dried with a blower and a hair iron is used to seal in the keratin into the strands.

Unlike other hair treatments, our Keratin Treatment is much faster to perform.

Using keratin treatment also means a significantly shorter downtime. Depending on the length and texture, keratin treatment can be done in one to two hours and can have a downtime of 24 hours, something women who live in hot and humid places will certainly appreciate. Other thermal treatments can take up to more than five hours and may have a downtime of three to five days.

After keratin treatment hair becomes stronger, frizz-free, and easy to style. With keratin treatment, women claim that they can style their hair in just few minutes. In fact even after just blow-drying, their hair already looks fantastic.

Another advantage is that, aside from improving manageability, keratin treatment also works as a hair straightener. Many clients have been amazed by how straight their hair have become. However, there are those who say that their hair have become too straight. Frequent washing can help remove some of  the keratin and restore the natural waviness of hair. But for those who wish to keep it straighter for longer periods, regular washing will do. Furthermore, hair can be styled in anyway after the keratin treatment.Women can now choose several styling options that we offer such as curling or keeping their hair straight.

Our keratin treatment doesn’t make use of harsh chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, which damage hair and make it brittle.This is the reason why we can make hair look great for as long as five months. Keratin treatment also does wonders onchemically treated hair, such as those that have high lights or color-processed hair.

But despite all its perks, there are a few cons to keratin treatment. One of the most common is allergies. A few women have reported having allergic reactions such as itching and red eyes, especially after using formulas with formaldehyde; again,we don’t use those kinds. Also, this type of keratin treatment can cause hair coloring to fade faster, so you might want to opt for a darker hair shade before undergoing hair treatment. For safety reasons, make sure you only go to licensed professionals, like us, who are trained to perform keratin treatment. In addition, ask if they use keratin treatment solutions that are approved by the FDA and OSHA. A typical treatment will cost about $150-$600.




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