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Keratin Treatment Brazilian Style Recommends Different Types of Hair Formulas!

Keratin Treatment

Beautiful hair is something will definitely spend for. Why else would there be a multi-billion dollar hair care industry? Unfortunately though many women find dissatisfaction with many hair treatments despite the money they spend for it. If you really are interested in frizz-free, manageable hair, we at Marcia Teixiera recommend to you our Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I’m sure you’ve heard of this breakthrough treatment that many women are raving about. But what makes our keratin treatment different from the other hair care companies that offer their own keratin products?

We understand that different women have different needs. Our line of keratin treatment formulas are specially made with these diverse needs in mind. Read on our different products to see which formula is perfect for you.

Different hair conditions may mean different keratin treatment

For women who have locks that have been damaged by chemical treatment, we recommend our Original Keratin Treatment. It is guaranteed to bring dry, damaged hair back to its shiny and healthy shape. It’s also the formula of choice for women who have fine to medium hair texture, particularly those who want to bring their curls under control.

Women who have out-of-control tight curls and coarse textured hair will find our Chocolate Keratin Treatment to their liking. Aside from keratin, this formula also has cocoa butter which acts a moisturizer to keep those curls well nourished and under control. It also contains anti-oxidants and amino acids which help repair hair damage.

Our Soft Treatment on the other hand is the perfect keratin treatment for those who balk at the thought using formulas with formaldehyde. Aside from being formaldehyde-free, this formula also has the added benefit having no downtime after a keratin treatment. That’s right, you can have a keratin treatment and a shower on the same day without ruining your hair. Soft Keratin Treatment is ideal for women who have fine hair textured hair that need to be softened and smoothed out. This formula also boasts of being extra gentle and doesn’t have the drying effect of chemical formulas.

Another formaldehyde-free formula, the Chocolate Soft Treatment is the suitable keratin treatment for women who have medium to very coarse hair. It also contains cocoa butter to provide moisture and shape to curls. This special formula is designed to control frizz without making hair too straight. So if you want to keep your curls this is the keratin treatment to get. Like our Soft Treatment, Chocolate Soft Treatment doesn’t need any downtime and you can wash your hair on the same day without ruining its manageability.

For those on the go, we recommend our Advanced Keratin Treatment. It gives instant results plus you can wash your hair in less than 24 hours. This all-around formula and will basically fit any hair type. Women who have tight schedules but still yearn for frizz-free manageable hair will definitely favor this formula.

What makes keratin treatment special

What’s special about these keratin treatment formulas is that unlike chemical treatment, hair protein is strengthened instead of being broken so you can be assured that your hair will stay strong and healthy in the months to come. Choose among our different formulas and we’re pretty sure they’ll work wonders for you.



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