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Keratin Treatment will definitely last much longer than any other hair treatments!

Keratin Treatment

The popularity of keratin treatment can be attributed to its excellent performance. Women all over the world have found salvation in keratin treatment. No more frizzy and messy hair, thanks to keratin treatment.  Keratin treatment is not only effective in keeping hair in place but it also keeps them healthy and beautiful. Money spent for keratin treatment is money wisely invested. But is keratin treatment enough?

You’ve shelled $300 for a Brazilian Keratin Treatment just to make your hair naturally beautiful. Now are you just going to let it go to waste? Of course not! That’s why we at Marcia Teixeira do more than just giving you keratin treatment formulas. We also provide you with a variety of home care products to make sure your hair is kept manageable and frizz-free for the longest time.

Keratin treatment and company

Now we all know that keratin treatment can last longer than other hair treatments because of the keratin protein that gets infused into damaged hair. But as you step outside most likely heat and humidity will start wreaking havoc on your hair again. The secret to keeping hair strong and healthy is to continually replenish it with nutrients and keep it well hydrated. That’s where our Marcia Teixeira Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner come in. These are specially formulated to add keratin and nutrients to hair so that it stays balanced and moisturized. Its secret is that it’s loaded with natural nutrients from acai berries and passion fruit.

For those looking for a gentler formula, the Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner is a good alternative. Aside from keratin, these light formulas contain herbal ingredients, pomegranate and lemon grass extracts. Since it contains a good amount of antioxidants and moisturizing oils, dry hair is rejuvenated and kept manageable. The great thing about our Marcia Teixeira shampoos and conditioners is that they don’t contain sulfates and parabens, the ingredient that causes a lot of allergies in women.

For women who love the outdoors activities such as swimming or hiking, keeping a Keratin Leave-In Spray will do a good job in prolonging a keratin treatment. It’s a special blend of nutrients that do a good job in protecting hair from the damaging effects of sunlight. You can virtually use this on wet or dry hair. Just dap a few drops, spread evenly and enjoy soft, shiny and tangle-free.

Another product that effectively protects your hair from heat and sunlight is the Buriti Shine Serum. This serum is made from extracts of buriti nuts which contain a lot of nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E to help rebuild broken hair proteins and keep hair strands moisturized. And it’s not only an excellent UV shield for your hair, it also gives it a natural non-greasy shine.

If your hair has seen too many thermal treatments or hair dyes and you feel your keratin treatment isn’t doing you justice, you might want to try out our Treated Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re specially made for hair that’s dry and damaged by heating and chemical treatments. Plus they do a good job in making hair color brighter. That’s because this set of products contain Babassu oil and Cupuaca butter, which hydrate and moisturize hair up to the deepest layers.

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With the money and time you invest to keep your hair beautiful, we’re pretty sure you’re going to appreciate these hair care products that will help you keep your keratin treatment looking great for as long as possible. Keratin treatments have all the qualities of what a first-rate hair treatment should; however, the term keratin treatment has been abused. That’s why when you seek keratin treatment you should only get it from reliable providers. A lot of boutiques and saloons advertise keratin treatment to attract more customers. Be sure that they’re promoting the real thing. You’re expecting a real keratin treatment only to find out that you’ve been taken for a ride.

You can’t mention hair without mentioning keratin now-a-days. Keratin treatment rules!



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