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Hair Straightener Treatment: Nothing Beats Keratin and That’s A Fact!

Hair Straightener Treatment

To say that women love beautiful, straight and manageable hair is an understatement. Not only are billions of dollars are spent every year on just about any hair straightener treatment imaginable, women are willing to undergo the tedious process and exposure to harmful chemicals. However with breakthroughs, newer safer alternatives such as keratin hair straightener treatment can give you more beautiful hair without minimal risks. We at M&M International will give you a few reasons why keratin hair straightener treatment simply outweighs other hair straightening procedures.

Keratin hair straightener treatment is now the number 1 anti-frizz hair care procedure

Keratin hair straightener treatment was started a few years back and now is considered one of the most popular hair treatments. Unlike other methods, keratin hair straightener treatment uses gentler formulas which have keratin as its primary ingredient. It has the distinct advantage of having a shorter time apply. A keratin hair straightener treatment will take only one to three hours versus the six hours of other straightening treatments. In addition, it also has a shorter downtime, ranging from less than 24 hours to three days. This is compared to the four or five days needed for other treatments. Another perk of keratin hair straightener treatment is that it makes hair so much more manageable. Women who do their hair for at least two hours every day only need twenty minutes after a keratin hair straightener treatment.

In terms of dealing with colored, dry and chemically damaged hair, keratin treatment is the hair straightener treatment of choice. That’s because keratin seeps into the damaged cuticles and into the deeper layers where it replenishes keratin that have been stripped away by so many chemical treatments. Aside from making the colors more vibrant, it also adds a lovely sheen to hair. In addition, keratin hair straightener treatment won’t leave you with dry hair that needs intensive conditioning. After three or four months, your hair will return to its natural state.

Now a lot of people might have issues that keratin washes away after three months. This is actually an advantage. With any other hair straightener treatment that has permanent effects, you can see a transition from treated hair to virgin hair. Because keratin washes away, so you won’t see any unsightly demarcations between straight treated hair and the curly untreated recent hair growth. And even though keratin is popular as a hair straightener treatment, it also allows women to enjoy beach wave curls as soon as they wash off a moderate amount of the keratin.

A downside to keratin hair straightener treatment is that it is generally more expensive than other treatments. But considering its wonderful effect and safety a lot of women, especially those who live a busy life, do not mind investing in it.

A lot people would ask: will keratin hair straightener treatment replace other ways of treatments?

While it effective on most people, there are those whose hair are just too thick and curly and may need chemicals. However for most people, keratin hair straightener treatment will do wonders.

If you’re thinking having a hair straightener treatment, browse through our Marcia Teixeira line of keratin products. We’re sure you’ll find the right product that will give you hair you’re yearning for.



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