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Keratin treatment: What you do to Your Hair, You do it Unto Yourself As Well!

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment has become a by word among women who’ve tried it, enjoying their easy to control and wonderful looking hair. Marcia Teixeira has revolutionized hair treatment to the next level and women have found a savior to their frizzy, uncontrollable, and dead looking hair. Brazilian keratin treatment can be compared to some of the great discoveries and inventions which have made people’s lives easier and more comfortable. You might say I might be exaggerating, but tell that to women who’ve been tortured daily by their rebellious and fractious hair.

The Versatility of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment can do more than just whip your hair in line. It brings a host of other benefits so good that you’d think they they’re figments of your imaginations. Before keratin treatment we’d just rely on shampoos and conditioners to make our hair smoother, lustrous, and great looking. They were able to do a decent job to a certain degree. But now, combining with keratin treatment they have created a symbiotic effect which brings even greater results. Your hair will be even more amazing.

What’ll you do if you want those curls and frizzes go away? You apply gel or heat to your hair. But gels have a very limited effect. And irons? Thinking about for just a second, they’re barbaric. You’re not only torturing your hair, you’re torturing yourself as well. Well, those are things of the past. Keratin treatment has made life easier for you and your hair. Isn’t your hair part of you? What they undergo, you will too.

What’s the effect of keratin treatment if you want to color you hair? No bad side effects; what the treatment does is extend the effect of the coloring dye. Keratin has the ability to lock the colors inside each single hair strand. Dying can be done before and after keratin treatment.

After keratin treatment you can wash your hair in an hour and the effect will hold. However, there are women who leave the keratin solution on for 24 hours for that added effect. According to them, there were no side effects. They felt no skin rashes and itchy episodes. And they even added that the effect is even better. Well, there you have it if you have questions about leaving the keratin longer in your hair, like overnight.

If you want to know how often you can have keratin treatment for your hair, I say that you can have it as often as you can. If you feel the effect is waning out, you can have another keratin treatment right away. I’m sure this is the case for Brazilian Keratin treatment. You can have it every 15 days if you can afford it. I can’t speak for the other brands.

Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment is a Patented Brand

The Marcia Teixeira brand of keratin treatment should not be confused with several keratin treatment brands being promoted on the internet and other media outlets. If you you’re looking for the best results for your hair, Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment is the new name for Brazilian Keratin Treatment. We have specified our brand name for your own protection.



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