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Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Is It Safe For those with Dandruff?

Brazilian Keratin by M&M International

Ever since Brazilian Keratin Treatment was started, many women enjoy the frizz-free, manageable and beautiful hair it gives. This breakthrough treatment has done wonders by infusing hair with lost keratin protein thus revitalizing weak, dull and damaged hair. However some women express concern about how a Brazilian keratin treatment can affect a dandruff prone scalp.

Let our M&M International Brazilian Keratin experts shed some light into this.

Dandruff is basically a condition wherein the scalp flakes off, often causing embarrassment to those who have it. This might be caused by an excessively dry scalp, excessively oily scalp or sensitivity to shampoo and other hair products. While dandruff may manifest an underlying disorder, most of the time it is a benign condition. Some often ask what the effect of Brazilian Keratin Treatment on women who suffer from dandruff.

Well there is no easy question here as different women have different causes for dandruff. However, a good number of them are more sensitive to chemicals applied to hair. And with all the flaking and scratching, their scalps contain small cuts and scratches that make them more prone to developing reactions to Brazilian Keratin Formula as these can enter into deeper tissues.

Another concern is that maintenance shampoo and conditioner for Brazilian Keratin treatments might not be effective in women who suffer from heavy dandruff. Furthermore there is the concern of anti-dandruff shampoos which often contain sulfates that can shorten the effects of the Brazilian keratin treatment. If you are one of the women who suffer from excessive dandruff and use special shampoos but want to undergo a Brazilian keratin treatment, we suggest you play it safe and get a dermatologists permission. Most of the time, they will recommend that you test yourself for allergies.

All our Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin formulas are tested to be safe, but if you want to make sure if it goes well for you, put a small amount of our Brazilian Keratin formula on a hidden patch on your scalp and observe for burning, itching or redness.

For those who have light or no dandruff but are worried about having it, ask your stylist an anti-dandruff treatment before having the Brazilian Keratin treatment done; this will reduce the occurrence of dandruff after treatment.

Generally, a few women develop dandruff after getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This may be due to a number of factors such as the drying effect of the shampoo or a mild allergic reaction to the Brazilian Keratin Formula. However, in most women these get resolved after one to two weeks. To deal with scalp dryness and itchiness, try putting on a natural essential oil, such as jojoba oil or olive oil. It can help relieve the itchiness without ruining your Brazilian Keratin treatment. And as much as possible, resist the temptation to scratch your scalp. If the itching persists, then it would be prudent to see a dermatologist.

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