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Brazilian Keratin Treatment: The Bonds between Frizz!

Brazilian Keratin by M&M International

Before the advent of hi-tech gadgets appeared, scientists used a human structure to study humidity in the air: hair. But while, human hair has been a reliable hygrometer all throughout the years, women around the world haven’t exactly been fans of the mess it becomes during humid or dry weather. Fortunately, with the advent of Brazilian Keratin treatment, women need not ever worry about suffering about unruly hair strands.

But how does humidity affect hair and how can a Brazilian keratin treatment help?

Let’s take a look at hair structure first. Hair is basically made up of a string of proteins called keratin. All these structures are bound together by hydrogen, salt and disulfide bonds. Hydrogen and salt bonds are easily affected by moisture and become loose. This causes the outer layer or cortex of the hair to swell up. However, not all parts of the hair cortex absorb the same amount of moisture so some areas are more swollen than others. The unevenness created causes hair to bend, kink or curl resulting in frizz.

Different hair types have different abilities to resist moisture. Curly and chemically-treated hair has the least resistance while straight hair has the best. Generally, healthy human hair can absorb about 15% of moisture from the air but this is enough to cause frizz. However, chemically-treated hair has damaged cuticles and is more porous. They can absorb as much as 50% of moisture thus making them very prone to frizz.
Brazilian keratin treatment works by infusing keratin into the hair shaft. This infused keratin fills in the ‘holes’ that brushing, blowing and the environment has done. By filling up the lost keratin, hair is less likely to become uneven when it absorbs moisture. In addition, Brazilian keratin repairs the damaged cuticles thus making them more resistant to the effects of moisture. This is the reason why Brazilian keratin treatment does wonders for women who have curly and chemically damaged hair.

Aside from preventing moisture from entering hair, a Brazilian keratin treatment also prevents it from drying out. The hair contains some degree of water which helps it retain its natural shape. Just as moisture enters hair during humid weather, it leaves hair during dry weather. Too much dryness can also make the hair bend or curl resulting in frizz. Certain serums and conditioners can help keep hair from drying out or absorbing moisture. However these hair care products work only for dry or humid weather. With a Brazilian keratin treatment you can hit two birds with one stone. Whether it’s dry or humid outside, you can keep your hair effortlessly frizz-free.

To prolong the effects Brazilian keratin treatment, special hair products need to be used.

Because sulfate and sulfate can interfere with the bonds, it is best to use shampoo and conditioner that do not contain these products. Our Marcia Teixeira home care products are available to help you maintain your Brazilian keratin treated hair frizz-free for a long time. So don’t let the weather cramp your style. Look into our different M&M International Marcia Teixeira line for safe and affordable Brazilian keratin treatment formulas.



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