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Hair Treatment: Choose the Best One For Yourself!

Hair Treatment by M&M International

Are you finally tired of the tumbleweed mess that you call your hair? Then it’s time you marched into a salon and got yourself a hair treatment. But with the so many straightening options out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you.

So here is a brief explanation of the most commonly performed hair treatment in salons.

Hot Oil Treatment

The hot oil hair treatment is probably one of the oldest there is. Oil from plants such as coconuts or olive is heated and then gently massaged into the scalp. These oils help condition hair and repair damage. Hair is left soft, smooth and resistant to the frizzing effects of heat and humidity. Hot oil treatments can be done at home and are among the most affordable hair treatment options. The downside to this hair treatment is that it can be quite messy and hair is often left greasy and heavy. Furthermore, its effects last only a week so the tiring procedure needs to be repeated every so often.

Chemical Relaxing

For a time hair relaxing with the use of sodium hydroxide or lye, was the hair treatment of choice for permanent straightening out hair. It works by breaking the bonds that make hair curly and then to make hair straight. And while chemical relaxing could transform curly hair to straight ones, it inarguably causes irreversible damage. Hair is initially left straight but after it is left brittle and dry and will need a lot of conditioning and repair. For some women the damage is so bad the only remedy for them is to cut their hair off and wait for healthy new ones to grow.

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

While essentially a chemical relaxing hair treatment procedure, Japanese Thermal Reconditioning uses a less harmful chemical, ammonium thioglycate. After the treatment, hair is left soft, smooth and silky. It gives permanent effects which can last over six months with proper treatment. But while it does cause less damage, it still causes damage nevertheless and heavy conditioning and maintenance needs to be done. It also limits styling options as any attempt to curl hair will add to its damage. As hair grows out, a very visible contrast can be seen between virgin hairs and treated can be seen. Of all the hair treatment procedures, this one is considered the most expensive costing about more than $500.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment is the latest in the line of hair straightening methods. Unlike previous hair treatments, this new treatment works by infusing keratin protein back into the hair, making it straight, healthy and frizz-free.

In contrast to chemical treatments, Brazilian keratin hair treatment makes hair stronger with every succeeding treatment.

At $200-$300 per session it is more affordable but its effects lasts about three to five months depending on the maintenance. Issues have about formaldehyde in Brazilian keratin formulas have been circulating. To make sure you have a safe and effective hair treatment, ask your stylist whether they use OSHA approved and formaldehyde free solutions like our Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin formulas.



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