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Osha Compliant

Use the  double M trademark if you want the best and safest keratin.

When your hair doesn’t agree with you and you can’t control it to follow your style, what are you going to do with it? Well you can comb and brush and put it under hot iron tongs, but what will you get? Temporary relief and damaged hair. You can do anything you want but without keratin you may just as well have your hair shaved. Sorry, but I’m just stating a fact. Marcia Knows better than me. She’s an expert in keratin treatment products and the process by which they’re applied. So what it’s going to be, Marcia?

Marcia Teixeira keratin treatment products are what keratin formulas should be. They’re made from natural and organic ingredients sourced from phyto essences in their purest forms.

Why is keratin treatment perfect for human hair compared to other hair treatment products? For those who are still not familiar with it, keratin is found naturally in our hair. It’s been there all along an influencing ingredient that gives our hair its specific characteristics. Hairs with more keratin content have better quality. They are more manageable and look more beautiful. But with keratin treatment products now easily available, everyone can now have the same beautiful, shiny, adorable and manageable hair; straight as a ramrod yet soft and supple.

There are hundreds if not thousands of keratin treatment products in the world today. The popularity of Brazilian keratin treatment products have made this possible. While the number of products increases, the same thing is happening to the number of complaints. The complaints are not limited to customers alone but also to the hair technicians who apply them. Technician related complaints vary from headaches, nausea, to vomiting. They blame this on the presence of formaldehyde in the keratin treatment products. But they are not the majority.

One possible cause is that maybe they’re using too much keratin treatment products. Another is too much heat is being applied to the hair, creating a smoke storm. Smoke is bad for the health. And with the smoke is the burnt smell which is another bad thing. Also, most of these boutiques don’t have air ventilators.   But according to some hair technicians, these don’t help at all. This may be true because they’re using the wrong types of ventilators and they don’t have air exit hatches to expel the smoke, fumes, and smells outside the room. And how about wearing safety masks? Not ordinary masks but the special smoke masks.

I’m not blaming anybody here. There must be research done concerning how the workers’ health are going to be taken care of. Any product that uses heat creates smoke. There must be an efficient way of removing them from the room. All kinds of smoke are dangerous even to the ozone. And keratin treatment products shouldn’t be blamed for anything at all.

Keratin treatment products by Marcia Teixeira are OSHA compliant and are safe; no question about it.

So to ensure that you have a safe product, insist on using with the one with the MM mark on the casing. That way you won’t suffer any harm.



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