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Keratin: It’s Getting Better Every day!


Not all keratin are the same and Marcia Teixeira leads the way.

Before the coming of keratin, there was chaos; hair chaos I mean. Everyone does to their hair what they think will be effective for handling it. They use excessive heat to make it obey but to no avail. Poured a lot of chemicals to keep it at bay but it never does. With keratin, however, everything is really different. Although they still use heat, it’s no longer as hot as before and the chemicals they use are more of organic essences than formaldehyde.   Some are in pure form without any trace of formaldehyde at all. And this is where the differences lie.

Keratin by Marcia Teixeira is something else.

It changed the way people treat their hair. Their hair became more responsive, alive to a greater extent; perpetually hydrated with no more dry episodes. In other words, perfect. It restored every hair to their original health with the damaging effects of other hair treatment negated fully. Today, more and more people are enjoying energized hair because of it. When they want their hair looking shiny, resplendent, and beautiful, they turn to it for help. Hair has never been pampered as much as it is being today, thanks to Brazilian keratin.

However, there are downsides in going through keratin treatment which is also its source of strength. It’s necessary that you endure 3 days of carrying the keratin solution in your hair to make give it maximum effect. No washing of hair, no styling, just let it hang freely without being covered. You have to let it the hair soak in it. You may feel uncomfortable, but just like when a woman gives birth to a child and endures the pain, nothing of the inconveniences is ever remembered once the baby is born. Only happiness and joy are experienced. It’s the same thing with treating your hair with Brazilian keratin by Marcia Teixeira.

After 3 days, your hair will be resurrected in its best form yet and you’ll feel nothing of the previous discomforts. You now own some of the best hair in the world. Nothing can take what you have in your head afterwards. What’s a little uneasiness when your hair gets the perfect treatment? With a brush or a comb only you can style your hair and it stays that way for the whole day, or how about for the whole month, or 4 to 6 months for that matter?

Do you think having your hair treated with keratin is very expensive? Let us compute  how much does it really cost.

Without keratin, you’ll still use a lot of hair products. And how much do you spend for it daily. Let’s say that you spend $350 for your hair keratin treatment and it lasts for 5 months; that is 150 days rounded off. That’s around $2.30 a day of magnificent looking and highly controllable hair for all those days, not counting the healthy treatment that your hair is getting besides. Let’s count ourselves lucky because of keratin.



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