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How to Give Your Hair a Healthy Shine

If you’ve recently gotten a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, you already have beautiful, flat hair. So now what do you need to do to get that gorgeous shine that will make your hair look like’s it’s featured in one of those celebrity shampoo commercials?

Here’s a few simple tips to give your hair a healthy, shiny glow without having to go back to the hair salon:

  • Use Hair Serums – Your stylist can recommend special hair serums that are engineered to work with your keratin treatment to provide a sleek sheen for your hair. These serums moisturize your hair with a light concentration of silicone or oils. Use a just a tiny bit at first and start at the bottom then work your way up, rubbing the serum into your wet hair with your hands.
  • Leave-In Conditioners — Another product you can use is a leave-in conditioner. These can be found in both spray on and lotion forms. They are applied the same way as serums.
  • Avoid Using Hot Water to Wash Your Hair — Hot water can dry out your hair, leaving it looking flat and dull. Instead, shampoo and condition in cool water, then rinse with cool water as well. Cooler water can help close the cuticle, which allow light to reflect better off your hair, creating the shine you want.
  • Take It Easy with the Blow Dryer — When blow drying your hair, direct the dryer’s nozzle down the hair shafts while you hold sections of your hair around a brush. Use the “cool” setting to finish. This produces the same reflective effect that the cool water does while washing your hair.
  • Spray-On Mists — Another secret weapon you can use to make your hair look celebrity shiny is to use a spray-on shine mist. Your stylist can recommend one that works best with your keratin hair treatment.

When it comes to having lush, shiny hair, you don’t have to leave it up to nature. Use these secrets and you will look like a celebrity hair model every time!



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