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Tips for Extending the Life of Your Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

The day you get your Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, your hair looks sleek, lush and fabulous. But keeping it that way in the weeks and months to follow requires a little regular maintenance on your part.

Washing Your Treated Hairtreatment

When you get a keratin treatment, you will want to limit your hair washing to no more than two or three times weekly. Shampoo can strip the hair of its essential oils, so the fewer exposures to shampoo, the better off your hair will be.

If your hair tends to be greasy, use a dry shampoo to wash it. And when you do shampoo, use a special blowout shampoo that meant to be used in conjunction with the treatment. Your hair stylist can recommend some good options before you leave the salon.

Conditioning Your Hair

About once every two weeks, use a conditioning masque to dramatically improve the health of your hair. This product provides penetrating proteins that help seal in the keratin treatment and will keep your hair from becoming frizzy, especially in humid conditions.

Swimming with Straightened Hair

So does having a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment done mean that you have to stay out of the swimming pool for a few months? No, girl!

While exposing your treated hair to treated water in swimming pools or salt water in oceans will cause the treatment to wear off more quickly, you can help protect your hair by wetting it with tap water before taking the plunge.

This helps keep the chlorine and salt from reach your hair as easily. You also can simply wear a bathing cap to protect your beautiful hair.

Styling Your Hair

Before blow drying your hair, use a smoothing serum to extend the life of the treatment and untangle your hair.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening is a cumulative treatment. So the more frequently you the treatment done, the longer it will last and the healthier your hair will stay.



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