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Maintaining Your Keratin Treatment While Playing Sports

Your Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment will give you lush, straight hair that looks fabulous wherever you go.

But what about during sports? Is there anything you need to do to protect your keratin treatment while you are active or playing your favorite sport?

The answer depends on two factors: What you are doing and when you are doing it.

Immediately after Your Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment adds natural keratin — the same protein that’s already found in your hair follicles — into your hair. But it takes about three days for this protein to be fully implemented into your hair follicles.

That means you should avoid getting your hair wet for about three days after your treatment. That means no swimming and no sweating. You shouldn’t even wash your hair for the first three days if you want to get the best results.

Water and moisture can wash away much of the keratin protein before it gets a chance to adhere to your hair, often leaving behind marks or streaks. So plan your activities accordingly during the first three days after have your treatment.

Keeping Your Hair Straight

Also during the first three days after your treatment, you should leave your hair down and straight. That’s because the keratin is malleable immediately after it is applied to your hair.

So if you clip your hair with a hair clip or put it in a ponytail, this can leave dents in your hair that can last for weeks.

If you are planning on participating in sports, try to arrange your keratin treatment during a break period so you have at least three days to let your keratin treatment settle in.

For your patience, you will be rewarded with a beautiful, lush head of straight hair that will turn heads wherever you go.




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