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‘Can Children Get Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments?’

There is no age legal age limit on how old you need to be to get a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment. If a child wants to have the same straight, lush hair style as her mother, there is nothing preventing her from doing so. Keratin treatments are perfectly safe for children as well as adults. But there are a number of factors you should consider before getting a keratin hair treatment for your child:

  • It Takes Time — The child will need to stay still in the hair stylist’s chair for between two to three hours while the keratin treatment is being applied. This can seem like a lifetime to a child, so if you are planning on having the process done on your child, make sure you have something to distract her, such as an electronic tablet on which she can play games or watch her favorite television shows.
  • The Smell — Many children are especially sensitive to odors, so they may find the aroma of the Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment offensive or off-putting. If so, ask your hair stylist to ventilate the area where the hair treatment is being applied thoroughly so that the smell is minimized.
  • The Expense — Keratin hair straightening treatments are not inexpensive. So before you commit to getting a keratin hair treatment for your child, be prepared for when it’s time to pay.
  • The After-Care — After the keratin treatment is applied, hair should not be washed for four days. Nor should the hair be put in a ponytail or anything else than can cause it to bend or crimp. While adults usually don’t have a problem adhering to these requirements, it may be difficult for your young child to do so.

While there is nothing preventing your child from having a keratin treatment, keep in mind these concerns before scheduling your appointment.



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