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Keratin Treatments and the Great Outdoors

Now that the warmest temperatures of summer have passed and the cool air of autumn hasn’t yet arrived, it’s the perfect time to get out into the great outdoors.

Whether you enjoy hiking on mountain trails, riding your bicycle through the forest, or simply spending a day at the lake shore, this is the time of the year when the weather is at its most reliable.

Maintaining Your Keratin Treatment

If you’ve recently received a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, however, you may be cautious about what sort of activities you should do. After all, you don’t to ruin the lush, gorgeous looking hair you just received at your favorite salon.

Keratin treatments make frizzy hair straight and straight hair even straighter. Because keratin temporarily changes the way your hair looks, there are some guidelines you should follow while having your outdoor adventures to make sure you always look your best.

Don’t Sweat It

You don’t always have to avoid perspiring when you have a keratin hair straightening treatment. But for the first two yours after your treatment you should avoid getting your hair wet.

Don’t go right from the salon to the gym. Wait at least the minimum amount of time before jumping into the pool or lake. Don’t go for a strenuous hike or run right away. The trail and track will still be there once your keratin treatment has settled.

Keratin Hair Care

For the first few days after your keratin treatment, avoid clipping your hair or pulling it back and tying it as this may cause it to kink. Instead, you will need to keep your hair down for a day or two.

If you do something strenuous enough to make you sweat — after the first couple of days have passed, of course — feel free to pull your hair back. If you do sweat or your hair gets wet, blow dry your hair as soon as possible to prolong the lush, straight hair from your keratin treatment.

Once your hair is dry, flat iron your blow-dried hair so that it looks even smoother.



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