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The Science Behind Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

When it comes to keratin — the natural protein found in our hair, fingernails, eyelashes, and elsewhere on your body — the tougher the better.

Keratin is a protective protein that makes your hair stronger inside and out. Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments add additional keratin to your hair that bonds with your own natural keratin to create stronger, straighter and more attractive hair.

Molecular Protection

Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments softens, smooths and dramatically straightens your hair without the use of strong chemicals. Instead, it uses a solution that contains all-natural keratin that works with the hair cuticles to gently repair damaged hair and create a lush, flowing mane that you can be proud of.

During a keratin hair straightening treatment, smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex, improving and repairing the quality of he hair from the inside out. The added strength, elasticity and moisture create a smooth, shiny, soft and straightened effect in your hair.

Meanwhile, the larger molecules of keratin coat the hair cuticle and help protect it from such potentially damaging environmental factors as UV rays, smog, smoke, car exhaust and other hazards so that further damaged to the hair shaft is prevented.

Benefits of Keratin

Keratin treatments are not permanent, however, so they will wear off over a period of about four to six weeks in most cases. When they do, your hair will return to its natural form. But it will remain soft, shiny and more healthy looking.

The more frequently you use a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, the longer it will last and the more manageable your hair will be over time. Hair that has been treated with keratin requires less blow drying time and flat iron results can be achieved in just a few minutes.



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