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‘What Causes Split Ends Anyway?

split endsIf you suffer from split ends, you already know how unsightly they can be. And they are not easy to repair. The only sure-fire solution is to cut them off.

But Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments can help protect your hair and prevent split ends from reforming. When you get a keratin treatment, your hair will look straight and strong. So your split ends will be just an unhappy memory.

Causes of Split Ends

While a keratin treatment will help split ends from coming back, they originally form by abusing and ignoring the quality of your hair.

Too much brushing is one of the most common causes of split ends. They also can form by excessive back combing of the hair, which disrupts the hair’s natural epidermis.

Brushing the hair while it is still wet accelerates the formation of split ends. When hair is wet, it can stretch up t 25% longer than its natural length. So when you brush wet hair, there is more of a risk of the ends splitting.

Hair Coloring Dangers

If you color your hair, you also are more at risk of getting split ends. The chemicals and processes used to change hair color can take their toll on the natural strength and durability of the hair follicle.

People who color their hair frequently should take steps to protect themselves against split ends, such as using specialized products that strengthen the hair follicle. Getting a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment can also make colored hair stronger.

Heated Appliances

Do you use a blow dryer, curling iron or other heated appliances.  Then you may be putting your hair at increased risk of developing split ends.

Use these devices as little as possible if you want to maximize your protection against split ends. Or strengthen your hair by getting a keratin treatment.



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