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Most Modern Keratin Treatments Are Odorless

what smellsA Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is a great way to make your hair look straight, smooth and lush all at the same time. But will it make your hair have a funny smell like some other hair treatments such as a permanent?

The answer is: Not anymore.

Technological Improvements

In the early days of keratin treatments, chemicals such as formaldehyde and other substances that had a strong chemical smell were sometimes used to make the hair care products work better.

But improvements in keratin hair straightening technology have effectively eliminated this smell in most instances. While a small amount of formaldehyde is still used in some — but not all — keratin hair straightening products, the familiar chemical aroma has been eliminated.

Safe, Effective and Odor-Free

That means you don’t have to worry about having an unpleasant smell on your hair in the days and weeks after receiving your keratin hair straightening treatment. Now you can enjoy your long, lush hair aroma-free starting right away.

It’s important to note, however, that these modern, technologically advanced keratin treatments are the ones used on salons. Home hair straighteners that are sold over the counter sometimes still use strong chemicals that can have an unpleasant odor.

That’s why it’s always important to trust your Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment to a trained professional who uses only the safest and most up to date products that provide the best results.

The Best Option for Stunningly Straight Hair

Keratin hair straightening treatments give you the straight smooth hair that you want. They are the best option for removing any frizz from your hair and for relaxing kinked or curly hair so that it can be stunningly straight.

Ask anyone who has had a keratin treatment and they will tell you: They are a miraculous way to get the ideal straight and relaxed hair that makes you look your best … with no lingering chemical smell.




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