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Insider Secrets about Keratin That Nobody Else Will Tell You

Summer Holidays. Travel Vacation To Spa Resort. Beautiful Fashionable Healthy Young Woman With Sexy Body In Bikini, Sunglasses, Sun Hat At Swimming Pool. Healthy Lifestyle. Beauty, Wellness ConceptIf you are considering a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, there are a few facts you should know first.

While a professional keratin treatment from Marcia Teixeira will give you lush, straight, sexy hair, keeping your hair looking its best after a keratin treatment requires a little effort.

Plus, there are certain things you should avoid or make accommodations for when you are getting your hair straightened professionally.

Keratin Treatment — Salon Secrets

If you are planning on getting your hair cut in addition to getting a keratin treatment, you should consider either doing it the same day or waiting another two weeks after.

Similarly, if you want t color your hair, you probably should make your coloring appointment at least two weeks after your keratin treatment.

That’s because when you get a keratin treatment, the keratin protein is sealed into your hair shaft using a special type of flat iron. Cutting or coloring your hair can open up the hair shaft, so you will probably need to reseal it again after.

Keratin Treatment — To Swim or Not to Swim

If you have a planned vacation, it’s a good idea to get your keratin treatment about two weeks before you leave. That’s because if you plan to swim in the ocean during your vacation, the high amounts of sodium in sea water can actually strip the keratin right out of your hair.

Swimming in pools after your keratin treatment is fine, however. Chlorine in pool water won’t have any effect on the keratin proteins in your hair.

Keratin Treatment — Make Time to Look Amazing

If you are scheduling a keratin treatment by Marcia Teixeira at your local professional salon, you might want to schedule a little more time than you normally would for haircut or styling.

Applying keratin can take anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours or more. So you can expect to be at the salon longer than you would under normal circumstances.




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