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The Solution for ‘Difficult’ Hair

Keratin Hair TreatmentWomen who have hair that is difficult to manage face a struggle every time they want to look their best. Simply getting their hair to calm down can be a next to impossible task.

Many women with “difficult” hair can spend a lifetime trying out different solutions, including creams, conditioners, and salon treatments — only to be left with the same frizzy, unmanageable hair that is more of a curse than a blessing.

But now there’s a solution to even the most unruly hair: A Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment from Maria Teixeira.

Keratin Treatment — Why Difficult Hair Is So Difficult

Women’s hair can be affected by many different factors. But the two biggest can be humidity and genetics.

Humidity, or the amount of ambient moisture in the air, can aggravate your hair’s “frizz factor”. When the humidity is high, even women with the naturally straight hair can have trouble keeping it under control.

Your natural genetics determines the amount of protein in your hair, the way your natural hair follicle naturally sits, and how your hair will look under baseline conditions. For women with difficult hair, even under the best of circumstances their hair is going to look curly, frizzy, or otherwise out of control.

Keratin Treatment —  Controlling Difficult Hair

Keratin treatments let you take control of your hair, straightening out kinks and curls regardless of the humidity or your natural genetics.

Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein that already is found in your hair. A Brazilian keratin treatment takes more of this protein and bonds it to your hair using heat. The result is straight, lush, manageable hair that looks and feels its best regardless of your hair’s natural tendency to do its own thing.

Plus, keratin treatments can last for weeks, or even months, so you can look great even if you have the world’s most difficult hair.

When you need to take charge of your hair, you need Brazilian keratin hair treatments by Maria Teixeira.



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