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Why Is it Called a ‘Brazilian Blowout’?

So What Causes Frizzy HairThe Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is gaining popularity in the US and elsewhere. It is a semi-permanent hair smoothing technique that combines a liquid version of the protein keratin with the keratin already found naturally in your own hair follicle. The keratin is sealed in place using heat from a hair iron.

The process originated in Brazil, which is where the name came from. But in other places, it has different names, such as Brazilian blowout, Breezilian straightening, Keratin Cure, and BKT. In Portugal, it is sometimes called Alisado brasiliero. In Brazil itself, the process is sometimes called Escova Progressiva.

Brazilian Blowout Essentials

The technique is highly effective at reducing frizz, straightening curls, and getting rid of waves in human hair. The process can be used on natural hair, chemically treated hair, or even hair that has previously been permed, relaxed, or straightened using a different method.

The Brazilian blowout is now commonly done at professional hair salons everywhere. Simply as your favorite stylist to use the technique to straighten your hair, making it look fuller, more glamourous, and sexy.

Best of all, a Brazilian blowout hair straightening treatment can last up to three months with little to no maintenance. To keep your hair looking long, straight, and attractive, simply return to your favorite salon and have the process repeated to straighten new hair growth.

Straight, Sexy Hair

A hot flat iron is typically used to bond the keratin to your hair. Depending on what your stylist advises, you may have to avoid washing, pinning, or tying your hair for up to three days after the treatment so that it has time to set up properly.

People worldwide are discovering the benefits of Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments by Marcia Teixeira. If you want to look your best this holiday season and for months afterward, a single visit to your favorite hair salon is all it takes. Just ask for your Brazilian blowout so you can look beautiful and sexy.




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