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Hair Length and Keratin Treatments

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Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments give you straight, lush hair with plenty of body. But it only works if your hair is long enough for people to notice its benefits.

If you have shorter hair, you may want to grow it out to get the full effect of your keratin treatment. How long does it need to be? It depends on the individual, but generally, your hair should be at least shoulder length to get the most from your Brazilian keratin treatment.

Growing Your Hair

If you have shorter hair, how long will it take before you can have locks long enough to benefit from a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment?

For most people, hair grows at a rate of about one-half inch per month. So if you want hair that is at least 12 inches — or long enough to flow over your shoulders — it’s going to take about two years. During that time, you can trim your ends to keep them looking even, but you shouldn’t plan on taking off any length when visiting your hair salon.

More Options

Longer hair gives you more options when it comes to hairstyles. You can put it up or leave it down. You can curl it or leave it straight. But most importantly, you can get the full benefits of a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment only when you have relatively long hair.

Brazilian keratin treatments use heat to bind the natural keratin protein to the keratin already found in your hair. The result is lush, full-bodied hair that maintains its straightness for up to two months.

Long hair doesn’t have to require more care and maintenance. When you treat yourself to a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, you can get all the benefits of straight, long hair without the hassle of maintaining it all the time.


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