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Thinking of getting hair treatment for the next year’s fashion scene? First get a sneak peek on what stylists are brewing up for 2013. Apparently, curls and straights will be having a face off. The full volume and delicious curls of rock and roll waves will be making a comeback. Long, super straight hair fixed in low pony will probably take center stage too. And last spring’s slick look might be returning, only this time a lot less wet.

Clearly, the next fashion season will be showing more carefree hairstyles; all of which can be made effortlessly possible with a Brazilian keratin hair treatment.

If you want to go for the loose and natural curly look of the 90’s, our Marcia Teixeira Soft Chocolate is the perfect formula for your hair treatment. It will let you have your full and gorgeous curls minus the frizz and disheveled look. If you plan to highlight your hair with various colors then a Brazilian hair treatment will be to your advantage as it makes color more vibrant. Furthermore, this hair treatment will make those curls so much more manageable so you won’t have to battle your locks every morning.

There’s something about the simplicity and elegance of ponytails that never make them go out of style. Only next year, fashion gurus will decide to make them low to emphasize the straightness of hair. If you want to sport this hairstyle go with our Marcia Teixeira Original solution for your hair treatment. It will give you straight hair plus a beautiful shine to emphasize your ponytail. If you’ve had enough with other chemical hair treatments that left your hair broomstick straight and dry, a Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment will bring it back to life. Just a tip though: after your Brazilian keratin hair treatment, wait a few days before tying your hair as this can leave a dent.

The slick hairstyles which we saw a lot of last spring will probably still be around. Only this time, stylists will go for glossy and straight sophistication instead of the drenched look. If you’re thinking of getting a hair treatment, go for our Marcia Teixeira Original solution for a straight look or our Marcia Teixeira Soft formula for soft, frizz-free curls. For that glossy look without the greasy feel, pick up a bottle of our Buriti shine serum after your hair treatment.

Other hair styles that are predicted to become favorites next year are knots and intricate braids. If you’re planning to sport these too, then Japanese straightening hair treatment will certainly be out of the question. For versatility, we do recommend a Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Just twenty minutes with a dryer and hair iron and you can have the trendiest hairstyle. Plus this is the hair treatment that will leave your hair ready and healthy for another round of styling as soon as the fashion season ends.

Whether you want to go for the curly or straight look, get your Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment to stay fashionable and beautiful in a carefree way.

Don’t get left behind this 2013. Get the best keratin hair treatment only from M&M International.