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Keratin Hair Treatment Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Keratin Hair Treatment

Marcia Teixeira Keratin Formulas present a revolutionary process that repairs damaged hair, leaving it soft, shiny, frizz-free, and smooth for up to 5 months.

After you get a keratin hair treatment, you will have straighter hair and not have to deal with frizz. This makes your hair more manageable and the benefits can last for up to 2 months. Once you have straight, silky hair, how should you style your hair? Here are a few suggestions for styling your hair after receiving a keratin hair treatment.

Choose a Long Bob Haircut After Your Hair Treatment

One option that you can use after your hair treatment is a long bob haircut. With a long bob, your hair should be styled with longer pieces towards the front of your head. This helps highlight your face. You should also pay attention the part. If you have a round face, place your part in the middle. Parting towards the side can help offset a longer face.

A Feathered Look to Go with Your Hair Treatment

If you prefer to keep your hair at about shoulder length, you should use a bit of feathering. This keeps the thickness of your hair from overpowering the shape of your face. Once you have a keratin hair treatment, ask for a feathered look from your stylist. This is an easy style to maintain once you have had your treatment.

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Create a Bouncy Look for Your Hair

Another option, for your straight, thick hair, is to create a bouncy appearance. This styling option keeps your hair looking natural and full. It highlights the thickness of your hair without drawing too much attention to it. Use side-swept bangs and uneven ends to keep your hair slightly wavy and add a little bounce.

These are just a few styling options that you may want to consider after you get a keratin hair treatment. There are many ways to style your hair. In addition to the options suggested, talk to your stylist about recommendations that will work best with your hair texture.

•  Consistent Results:  From one treatment to the next, Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatments deliver
frizz-free, soft, shiny, and manageable hair.  They can be used on any type of hair to reduce curl and
frizz, while enhancing shine and softness.

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Keratin Hair Treatment