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Keratin Treatment has been on the rise these past years. With the beauty and manageability they give hair, it’s no wonder a lot women are opting to spend time, money and effort to have a keratin treatment. But while a keratin treatment can do a lot of for dry, damaged, and over treated hair, a lot of women often ask us at M&M international if a keratin hair treatment also works on African American hair.

Apply 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Keratin Treatment

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Furthermore, it also means their hair is more delicate and can be easily damaged by drying, brushing, ironing, and chemicals. This type of hair certainly poses a challenge to many inexperienced stylists. Now, can a keratin treatment handle this type of hair? The answer would be yes.

While it can straighten one’s hair, a keratin treatment is not a relaxing but rather a smoothening procedure. Unlike hair relaxing, which will give you permanent super straight hair after a lot of heat and chemicals, a keratin treatment will give you more styling options (straight, wavy, curly) minus the harsh chemicals and extreme heat? Whatever hairstyle you choose, you can be assured your hair will be frizz-free, soft, glossy and manageable after a keratin treatment.

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A concern of many women is because of the use of too much heat, force, and chemicals to get the desired results on African American hair. The truth is this is very stylist dependent. It is essential that you communicate with your stylist as to what look you want to achieve before getting a keratin treatment.

Choosing your keratin treatment should be done by a highly experienced hair stylist who has been trained in the product analysis and proper application. This is one distinct advantage that Marcia Teixeira Brazilian keratin treatment products have over other products. Hair stylists who use the products are treated to a series of training and seminars in order to provide the best results by learning the proper method of applying the product and the right product to apply.

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A lot more heat and formula may be needed, but generally the results will be great without causing any damage. However, we do admit that there are a small percentage of women with hair types that just cannot be straightened with keratin treatment and may need relaxing procedures to get that pin-down straight look.

Women will notice that their hair becomes curly again and get a somewhat cotton candy texture after three or four months. However, unlike other chemicals that leave hair dry and brittle after repeated treatments, a keratin treatment will last longer after repeated application.

If you want to keep your fine curls but eliminate the frizz, then your stylist may choose our Marcia Teixeiria Chocolate Formula or Soft Chocolate Formula (which are specially designed for African and American hair) and take it easy on the heat. Two or three runs with the iron are usually enough to seal in the formula without flattening your curls. You can also add more runs to get looser and softer curls. Now the super straight look may be more of the challenge with a keratin treatment.

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