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Change frizzy hair into silky soft using Keratin treatment

Straightening Hair Treatment – Keratin Hair Treatment  For Frizzy Hair

If you are looking forward to straighten your hair within a short period of time, then Brazilian keratin treatment a straightening hair treatment may be the right solution for you.  Keratin treatment has become well known among many people within a short time span. The main reason for its success is all types of hairs respond to keratin treatment well. On the other hand, if you want pure herbal based solution, then keratin treatment may not match you. But there are many salons coming up with natural ingredients for keratin treatments.

Keratin Treatment as Straightening Hair Treatment – Effective!!

The main reason why many people choose keratin treatment over others is because it uses a natural protein called as keratin which is very similar to the protein found in our hair. The process involves applying liquid keratin and then sealing the hair using very high temperatures usually around 400 degrees. This makes the liquid keratin get into the hair follicles, thus fortifies the hair naturally. There are quite a few restrictions after undergoing a keratin treatment. Washing the hair or getting the hair wet in anyways is strictly prohibited. This is mainly followed in order for the keratin to get set in the hair properly. Even people who have their hair already treated with some chemicals can also get equally effective results. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Keratin treatment otherwise called as Keratin treatment is not cheap and the cost varies by region.

There are so many types of keratin treatments in the market and the result depends on the type of the hair and the keratin solution. For people with some what straight hair, keratin treatment makes it silky soft, whereas for others with a curly hair, the treatment makes the hair manageable. But these types of keratin treatments fade over time and are usually effective for 2 months. With frequent hair washing, the hair gradually returns to its normal condition, because the keratin sealed in the hair gets washed away. There has been some controversy about the presence of formaldehyde in keratin treatment.  It is mainly because formaldehyde has carcinogenic properties. Another concern for many people is usage of very high temperature in the keratin treatment used to seal the hair. Some people are apprehensive about this keratin treatment because hair follicles are quite sensitive and the frequent exposure of hair to very high temperature thins downs its strength gradually.

Many people prefer keratin treatment because it is an effective treatment to keep curly hair intact for many months. This is especially useful for working professional who have less time to mend their hair.  Keratin treatment is also the most preferred treatment among people in modeling profession.

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