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Marcia Teixeira at the Forefront of Hair Trends-Long, Short, Straight or Curly

Keeping Up with the Current Hair Trends


Keeping your hairstyle and hair color in tip top shape is important since it is our crowning glory.  So I guess we should pay enough attention to it and see to it that we keep our hair neat, healthy and stylish to boot.  Now if you have to give your mane some oomph or spice, then look into the current hair trends so that you will ideas and inspirations as to what are the hottest haircuts or hairstyles and perhaps hair colors that making a buzz these days.

So if you are tired and bored of your hair then why not get yourself a haircut and change your hairstyle by trying on the current hair trends.  If you have long locks, then try cutting it short and get a pixie cut or perhaps a bob cut like the famous celebrities Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.  Short hairs are really feminine, stylish and easy to style and maintain.  Now if you want to keep you hair long, then you can try layered cuts, or put on some bangs.  There are a lot of bangs that you can try on like full bangs or side swept bangs.

Another dilemma you might be in thinking about changing hairstyles is whether you go for straight or curly.  Straight hair is sleek, simple and polished.  While curly hair is sexy, stylish and gives you some life.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to find the latest hair trend for straight or curly hair that could suit your taste.  As for the hair color, you can try on the latest hair colors for the season.  Just be sure to choose the color that best compliments your skin color and eye color.

When you finally decide to get yourself a new hairstyle, be sure you take into account your facial features, face shape, hair texture and preferences as well.  This is to ensure that you’ll be able to get the hairstyle that is best for you.  You can get the help and services of a professional hair stylist so he or she will help you decide as to which hairstyle to sport.

So do not get left out, it’s time to give yourself a change and start by changing your hairstyle and even a new hair color to boot.  And do not forget to consult the current hair trends and sport your new hair in style and fashion and look your best!



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