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Brazilian Keratin to Cure Dry and Damaged Hair

Brazilian Keratin by M&M International

Chemical treatments are great for keeping hair straight and manageable. In fact, women don’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars just to have the luxury of having the perfect hair that can remain fabulous despite the weather. But despite the advantages of chemical treatments give, repeated treatments eventually make hair dry and brittle. If this has happened to you then you want to consider having a Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

To understand how Brazilian keratin treatment works, it’s best to look first of what structures make up hair.

A hair shaft basically has cortex and medulla. These structures are basically made up of the protein keratin which primarily gives hair its shape and strength. Protein molecules inside keratin are attached by hydrogen and disulfide bonds. Hydrogen bonds are broken when you iron out your hair but they can be quickly rebuilt when the hair gets wet or if the air is humid. Disulfide bonds are actually much stronger and will not easily break.

Most hair treatments use strong chemicals such as lye to break the disulfide protein bonds of the hair. While this makes hair straighter, it also makes it more brittle and less capable of holding in moisture. Even with generous amounts conditioner hair still remains dry and prone to breakage. Brazilian Keratin treatment works the opposite way. Instead of breaking bonds, it infuses keratin into the hair shaft. This fills in the imperfections so that hair becomes stronger and capable of retaining its shape and moisture despite the humidity of the weather. In other words, a Brazilian keratin treatment can reverse the damage brought about by too much exposure to heat and chemicals.

Many women are asking whether Brazilian keratin treatment is the ideal way to repair damaged hair. In truth, the best way to make sure hair is healthy again is to cut out the damaged part and let virgin hair grow. However there are occasions where in our hair needs to look good and let’s face it hair grows only about one to two centimeters per month. If you urgently need to make your hair look great without having to wait a month or two, then a Brazilian keratin treatment is your best option.

A Brazilian keratin treatment will give you at least three months of manageable and frizz free hair. However, the formula does wash off after this period and your hair will go back to its original state. But worry not as virgin hair will have grown out and you can cut away the dry and damaged part of your hair. Because a Brazilian keratin infuses lost keratin you do not have to worry about having dry and damaged hair after repeat treatments.

In fact, the hair remains straight and frizz-free for longer periods after repeated Brazilian keratin treatments.

If you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian Keratin treatment, ask your hair stylist about our Marcia Teixeira Brazilian keratin treatments. They’re formulated to be safe and effective. Plus they come in a variety of formulations to help you choose the best one for your hair type.



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