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M&M: keratin and plant proteins in perfect blend

What keeps our hair naturally beautiful? It’s the natural keratin found in our hair. Keratin is also responsible for our skin and nail formation. It’s derived from the Greek word “kera”, which means horn. Naturally, it is also responsible for the creation of horns in animals.

Although keratin is found in animal furs and horns, the closest thing that resembles human keratin comes from sheep’s wool. These are the ones that are used by most keratin hair treatment product maker. Of course what’s inside the bottle isn’t keratin only; there are other ingredients mixed with it.  These additional ingredients are what separate keratin products from each other.treatment

Keratin Protection

Keratin is every hair stylists’ dream. Not only theirs, but for all of us who are looking to have lovely and highly manageable hair. Since the beginning, we’ve been looking at the wrong sources. Although plant oil and other phyto sources contributed to the well-being of our hair, they’re either too oily, smelly, or too short lived.

Manufactured and natural occurring chemicals were also used to keep hair look impressive and wonderful, but they only succeeded at damaging hair. Hair loss is the natural consequence. The quest for perfect hair ended with the coming of keratin.

The presence of amino acids in keratin makes it the undisputed hair treatment of choice.  Amino acids are considered building block of our body, and that includes hair. When there’s a lack of it, hair becomes dry, brittle, and frizzy. In order to correct it, sheep’s keratin is applied to hair and then heat is applied to lock it in.

What makes the keratin hair treatment process better than others is that it imparts its healing effect on the hair. No other hair treatment product can do the same. The discovery of sheep keratin has brought untold benefits to humans. It’s a wonderful discovery. It resulted in the creation of the perfect hair treatment formula.

It’s not lost to us at M&M, the importance of high quality keratin source, that’s why we outsource it from New Zealand. The country has the best feeding ground for sheep and the pristine environment contributes a lot to the cleanest and purest keratin product in the world.

We didn’t stop there. Our biochemists, that’s what we call them because of the nature of their job dealing with plants, made a determined research effort to discover what works best with keratin. The breakthrough came when, after experimenting with several plant sources, they discovered what plant proteins work best with keratin protein. Keratin is a protein itself. The blend resulted in M&M products.

People using our products are very happy with the results. They can dye their hair since there’s no negative synergy between the two. You can even use our keratin hair treatment solution for your chemically treated hair to hasten its return to normalcy.

Keratin protects your hair from UV rays, humidity, dust, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants.  It coats the hair from the tip to the root, completely shielding it from the outside world.






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