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Keratin Treatments Repair Damaged Hair

There are a lot of TV commercials for products that promise to repair damaged hair. It seems like every other ad for shampoo and other hair care products claims to be able to re-bond and strengthen hair just by using it.

But how realistic are these claims? Split ends can’t be repaired. Once the damage is done, the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. Right?

Wrong! It turns out that split ends and other hair damage can be repaired by the Brazilian keratin hair strengthening treatment.

What Causes Hair Damage?

Hair can be damaged by heat from styling implements like hair dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons. It also can be damaged by the chemicals used in developers, as well as bleach, perms and relaxers.

You can even damage your hair by over-brushing it, using hair ties, or rubbing your hair against fabric. Anything that degrades the cuticle layer of your hair — the protective outer layer that surrounds the cortex, or inner core,of the hair — can cause damage.

The cuticle layer is composed of keratin proteins that fit together almost like scales. The cells overlap to create an airtight and waterproof barrier. When something damages these “scales” by causing them to lift and separate, damage such as split ends is the result.

How Keratin Repairs Hair Damage

Once the cuticle is damaged, the hair’s cortex is left unprotected. It’s then prone to damage from heat, chemicals and friction.

Keratin treatments replace the missing keratin from your hair. When the keratin hair straightening treatment is applied, it restores the form, sequence and function of the natural keratin. The result is that the keratin works exactly the same way as your hair’s own natural keratin proteins and patches up the frayed cortex, smoothing out those ruffled protein scales.




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