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Keratin Treatment Facts That You May Not Know About

Keratin TreatmentKeratin treatments are becoming a popular option for straightening hair. These treatments can also help prevent frizzy hair. Before you rush to the nearest stylist for a keratin treatment, there are a few things you should know about the process. As wonderful as the benefits are, you should ensure you understand how a keratin treatment works and how to care for your hair afterwards.

Here are some keratin treatment facts that you may not be aware of.

Keratin Treatments Can Prepare You for a Short Haircut

If you have been planning to get a short haircut, you may want to get a keratin treatment beforehand. This is especially true for individuals with thick, curly hair. The weight of your long hair helps keeps your hair from blossoming outward – adding more volume that you would like. Once you trim off your locks, you may be surprised by the volume of your hair. A keratin treatment will prevent this issue and keep your hair straight.

You May Need to Switch Shampoos Afterwards

After your keratin treatment, you will probably need to switch shampoos. In order to maintain your straight hair as long as possible, you will need to use a sulfate-free shampoo. The salon that provides you with a keratin treatment can recommend a specific shampoo.

Keratin Treatments Can Protect Your Hair from Damage

There have been reports claiming that keratin treatments can damage your hair. This is simply not true. In fact, for most women, the keratin treatment will protect your hair. The keratin strengthens your hair. A flat iron is used to lock the keratin in place. While regular flat iron use can damage your hair, using a flat iron for a single treatment every 3 or 4 months will not result in any noticeable damage. Women that use a flat iron on a regular basis will benefit from not needing to iron their hair as often.

Keratin treatments are incredibly beneficial if you enjoy straight, frizz-free hair. Make sure you find a reputable salon if you are interested in a keratin treatment.



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