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‘Do It Yourself’ Attitude Led to Innovation


Marcia Teixeira

Marcia Teixeira isn’t the kind of person who throws up her hands and gives us. The licensed cosmetologist looks at obstacles as opportunities rather than setbacks.

So when Marcia kept encountering clients with damaged and unmanageable hair, she wasn’t about to tell them that it was something they were simply going to have to live with. Instead, she set her mind to finding a solution that eventually would help thousands of women worldwide get the kind of lush, straight, and full-body hair that they’ve always wanted.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment — Discovery in Another Country

Sometimes a change of scenery can lead to new ways of thinking. And in Marcia’s case, a trip to Brazil led to the discovery of an innovative technique that she knew would be helpful to her clients back home.

It was in Brazil that Marcia discovered a hair treatment known locally as “escova progressiva”, which translates to “progressive blow dry”. It as a styling technique that was largely unknown outside the South American country. But Marcia saw that there was something to it, something that possibly could be translated into a way to help her frustrated clientele back in the US.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment — Research and Development

When Marcia returned back home, she set about developing the foreign hair styling techniques she observed in Brazil to a practical way to help her clients in her salon.

For several years, Marcia experimented with these techniques until she discovered the innovative hair treatment formula that offered her clients the results they wanted safely, effectively, and consistently.

The result — the Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment — was practically a miracle for many women. Rather than having to live with damaged or unmanageable hair, Marcia’s clients could finally get the long, straight, luxurious hair they always wanted.

Today, Marcia’s hair treatment is used in salons in more than 50 countries worldwide.



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