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Time Your Keratin Treatment Just Right

Beautiful Brunette Girl with Healthy Long HairIf you are considering getting a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment, you’ve already made the right decision to change your look. Now the only question left is when to do it.

A keratin treatment isn’t something most women do impulsively. When they trade in their curly, frizzy, or kinky hair for straight, smooth, and lush hair, it’s usually a drastic change in their look. So the timing has to be just right.

Keratin Treatment — Special Occasions

Many women will ask their local professional stylist to give them a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment by Maria Teixeira in preparation for a special event. It could be a wedding, a holiday party or corporate event, or even a reunion with old friends. Typically, it’s an event at which they want not only look their best, but also make a big impression.

In this instance, you probably don’t want to schedule your keratin treatment the day of the big event. While your hair will look straight, sleek, and amazing starting from the very first moment you step out of your stylist’s chair, it often takes most women a day or two to get used to their new look. You might need time to get comfortable with how fantastic you look after your keratin hair straightening treatment.

Keratin Treatment — A Whole New You

So a good rule of thumb is to get your keratin treatment at least two days before your big event. This gives you plenty of time to admire your new look.

You also have time to make other upgrades, such as treating yourself to a cosmetic makeover or buying a couple of spectacular new outfits that show off your new look.

Your keratin treatment will last for a long time — usually a minimum of several weeks. You are going to have plenty of time to look your best. Spend the first couple of days getting used to the whole new you!




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