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‘So What Is Keratin Hair Straightening Anyway?’

Submissions9You may have seen the signs for Brazilian keratin hair straightening at your favorite salon. Or perhaps you’ve heard your friends or co-workers talking about it. But what exactly is keratin hair straightening anyway? We’re glad you asked!

Keratin itself is a naturally occurring protein that already is found in your hair. What a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment does is take additional keratin protein and — through the use of a special type of heated flat iron — bond it to the keratin already in your hair. The result is straight, lush, more attractive hair that looks better and perhaps even longer.

Keratin Hair Treatment Facts

Keratin treatments are ideal for people with frizzy or naturally curly hair. It is the fast, effective, and long-lasting way to straighten your hair so that is both luxurious and manageable.

How long lasting? It depends on the kind of Brazilian keratin treatment you get, but some can give you straight, luscious hair that lasts six to eight weeks or even longer with proper maintenance and care. That’s because the heat seals the new keratin to the hair cuticle, resulting in hair that has less frizz and more softness and shine.

What Happens During a Keratin Hair Treatment


Most keratin hair treatments require a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes to perform. First, the hair is thoroughly shampooed and dried. This is to strip any oils or product residue from the hair. Then the hair is broken up into sections and the stylist will apply a keratin product from the root to the end of the hair strands in half-inch to 1-inch segments. This is to ensure even distribution.

Then the hair is dried slightly before a flat iron is passed over the hair strands to create the kind of longer, lusher attractive look for which keratin is known.

There’s no mystery. Just a solution: Keratin makes you look more attractive so you can be more successful and confident in everything you do!



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