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Why Is Hair So Important?

Beautiful portrait of blonde beautyAs women, we spend so much time focusing on our hair. We wash it. We style it. We accessorize it. For many of us, it’s our most important feature — or at least one of them.

So why is hair so important? And why do we spend so much time, energy, and money taking care of it? The answers may surprise you.

Keratin Hair Treatment — Sex Appeal

Our hair is one of the primary tools women have to make us attractive to other people. When somebody sees you — especially from afar — your hair is what they often notice first.

Ironically, even though our hair is of primary importance to attraction, it’s actually considered a secondary sex characteristic. That’s because both men and women can have long hair. From a scientific perspective, primary sex characteristics are those that are present only on one particular sex, like sex organs or breasts for women or larger body mass and muscles for men.

Still, our hair is one of the key ways we make ourselves attractive to other people. So if you want to increase your sex appeal, doing something new with your hair is a great place to start.

Keratin Hair Treatment — Versatility

Another reason hair is so important to our self-image is that it is versatile. In other words, we can do a lot with it to change it and make it look different.

There are certain things we can’t change easily about ourselves, including our weight, the way our face looks, or even the way we walk or speak. But in just a few minutes we can change our hairstyle and radically improve the way we present ourselves to other people.

So why is hair so important? Because as women, it’s one of the primary ways we make ourselves attractive in order to get the attention of other people.




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