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Long-Lasting Luxury

Woman with hair straightening ironsHairstyles typically are a poor investment. Paying a professional stylist a small fortune to give you a look that may only last a few days might not be the best investment.

But with proper care and attention, a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment can last anywhere from four to six weeks. That means the straight, lush, and luxurious hairstyle you get today can keep you looking your best for more than a month if not longer. Now that’s money well spent!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The difference between a typical hairstyle session and a Brazilian keratin treatment is significant. When you get your hair done the routine way, your stylist may wash, tint, cut, and even curl your hair to give you a unique look. The problem is that the hairstyle you get one day may be nothing more than a memory a few days later.

But not with Brazilian keratin. When you get a hair straightening treatment by Marcia Teixeira at your favorite local salon, the process actually bonds keratin protein to the keratin already found naturally in your hair. The result is a strong, straight, and durable hairstyle that can last for weeks — or even months.

Look Your Best Longer

Keratin is strong and long-lasting. So it doesn’t go away even when you wash your hair or use a blow dryer on it. Your long, straight, and sexy-looking hair will keep you looking attractive for weeks after your keratin treatment.

If you are tired of wasting money on expensive hairstyling appointments that only leave you looking good for a couple of hours at best, consider a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment by Marcia Teixeira at your local professional salon. Not only will you look your best, but you will keep looking great for a long, long, long time afterward.



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