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Can a Keratin Treatment Make You Look Slimmer?

Woman Measuring Her Perfect WaistThere are many benefits from having a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment by Maria Teixeira at your local professional hair salon. You can get long, straight, and luscious hair. You can have more personal confidence. And you can look more stylish and attractive.

But did you know that a keratin treatment also can make you look slimmer and more fit?

Keratin — A Question of Proportion

First, when you have long, straight, and incredibly lush hair, most people will be looking at it rather than at the rest of your body.

But the way your hair looks can affect the way the rest of your body looks. If you have a globe-shaped, frizzy hairstyle, it can create a halo effect around your face. This can make you appear fuller.

But when you have long straight hair hanging down from your shoulders, it creates a sleek, streamlined look. In their minds, other people can extend these clean lines down through the rest of your body, making you seem slimmer and more fit.

Keratin — Dress for Success

This effect can be reinforced even further by wearing clothes that accentuate this look after you have a keratin treatment for your hair.

When you wear clothing with vertical stripes, scarves that hang down, or outfits that have long creases or pleats that run up and down, it can match the long, straight hair you get from your keratin treatment, creating an overall look that is clean, long, and straight.

Keratin — Get Ready for Compliments

After your keratin treatment, not only will people be complimenting you on your new look, but they also may ask you have recently lost a lot of weight. That’s because of the optical illusion created by your hairstyle, your clothes, and the improved self-confidence.

Can keratin help you look slimmer? Try it and see for yourself.


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