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The Science Behind Physical Attraction

Why do people find straight, lush hair more attractive? It could be the way we are wired.

For centuries, scientists have understood that hair is one of the main ways people attract the attention of other people. Fashion may dictate the length and style of hair that is most popular at the moment, but having clean, straight, and full-bodied hair will always put you in the center of attention.

Why Hair?

Other factors go into attraction, including body type, fitness, and even the way you smell (pheromones). But hair is one of the most important factors due to the fact that people naturally pay attention to the way your hair looks before they notice anything else about you.

A person’s hair is one of the first things you notice about another person, especially if they have a lot of it. Women with long, straight, and well-maintained hair are more noticeable than those with straight, curly, or unkempt hair.

In fact, when you have long, straight, lush hair like the kind you get from Brazilian keratin hair straightening by Marcia Teixeira, you could be up to 10 times more attractive to other people. And that’s before you ever say “hello” to them or even look them in the eye.

Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian keratin hair straightening is the salon treatment that instantly makes you more attractive to other people. When you ask your favorite stylist to use Marcia Teixera’s hair straightening treatment, you can be sure that you are going to walk out of your hair appointment looking better, feeling more confident, and at the center of people’s attention.

You can’t help it if other people find you attractive. You can just nudge them that way with Brazilian keratin hair straightening by Marcia Teixeira, the fast, easy, and effective way to make yourself beautiful.


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