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‘How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Take?’

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You’re a busy person. Maybe you have a job, go to school, or have an active social life. Whatever your daily schedule looks like, you probably don’t have all day to spend at the hair salon.

So when you make an appointment for something unusual like a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment by Marcia Teixeira, it’s a fair question to want to know how long it will take.

The answer is: Not very long. And the time you spend will be well worth it because you will emerge from your appointment looking like a whole new person.

Time Is Beauty

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Time is money”. But when you make an appointment at your favorite local hair salon for a Brazilian keratin treatment, time is beauty.

Usually, in a little less than 90 minutes, you can get a whole new look that will dazzle your friends, impress your family, and put you at the center of attention wherever you go. A Brazilian keratin treatment uses flat iron to bind keratin proteins to the keratin already found naturally in your hair.

The result is lush, luxurious hair that holds its bounce and makes you look younger, more beautiful, and more confident. Best of all, the little time you invest in your keratin appointment can offer results that last for weeks or even months.

Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian keratin makes you look great, feel confident, and be attractive. For such a short time in the stylist’s chair, you can get a new look that turns heads wherever you go — at work, at school, or out with friends.

Find out what amazing looks and feels like. Call your favorite professional salon today and tell them you want to make an appointment for a Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment by Marcia Teixeira. It’s going to be time well spent.





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